About me

My name is Tünde Kiss.

I live in Hungary in a small village called Hollókő.

It’s listed on the world heritage list by UNESCO. I’m verry lucky to live there with my family. I have three children. It’s good to live close to the nature, exspecially if someone work with natural materials. I always admired how beautifull things can be made from a simple material like cattail, bullrush or cornhusk..

The nature gives us this material from year to year. And I just have to find the way how to use them.

Kiss Tünde tárgyalkotó népi iparművész
Gyékényből fonott tárolók és váza

My products

I make different size baskets, weaved glasses, lampshades, handbags, belt, shoes and jewellweries.

I like to do things  what people can use, but of course I make some decoration things too. For example flowers, dolls. I’m also proud that most of my products are qualified.

A qualified work of applied folk art is a registered item of the Museum of Applied Hungarian Folk Art in category „A” or „B”. I have a special Trademark on these product.

I have a workshop in Hollókő, what the tourist can visit.

You can see how I work, and also you can try to do something.

If you have just a little time, you can study to make a little decoration. But f you have 2-3 hours we can make a small basket.

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Élményfonó Kézműves Műhely Hollókőn

If you want to visit me please contact: